A baby would not pick up a warm!

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So much may you expect, it's been more than 12 hours after birth, and a newborn does not take a breast?

Need to pick up decisive action. Mother to express her natural milk or colostrum and feed the child. Colostrum can be mix with glucose. Feed the best finger technique. If it is impossible to express her colostrum (a 1-st hours of his hand to express perfect than warm pump), for a 1-st time may be given just water with glucose. Many children start to breastfeed when you are fed with a finger. Читать полностью -->

Regurgitation in babies

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Often regurgitation in children may be due to other factors:

1. Overfed. Regurgitation arise from increasing a amount of meal and the number of feedings. Extremely ofttimes this is happening with a babies, who are mix-fed, and my mother could not accurately determine a number of input supplementation, often changing a mix and, so, a nature of power. Baby may spit up to 5-10 ml of milk or a mix, milk may be partially curds. The baby in this case is gaining mass normally and does not feel much discomfort. Читать полностью -->

How to wear newborn - on a street and at house

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Here came the long-awaited moment! Baby was born, and proud moms and dads with your newborn of going home. And then it appears at a newly moms and dads much of questions. As a rule, they are not experienced with the babies and highly afraid of doing something improperly. How to nourish, How to take care, so to wear a child? Here are some common questions that worry parents just appeared a child. Let us dwell in more detail on a 3-rd problem.

A most great rule - stick to the favorable mean. The baby should be dressed however that he was soft and comfortable. Читать полностью -->

How to wear child - on a street and at home

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Here came a long-awaited moment! Newborn was born, and proud moms and dads with your newborn of going cottage. Then it appears at the newly moms and dads a lot of questions. As a rule, they are not experienced with a babies and very afraid of doing something wrong. As to feed, How do I care, as to wear a child? Here are any common questions that worry moms and dads just appeared a child. Let us dwell in more detail on the third problem.

The most great rule - stick to a gilded mean. A baby should be dressed so that he was heartwarming and comfortable. Читать полностью -->

So to wear child in winter - winter Dowry for a child

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Preparing dowry for a child, put To the note that children grow extremely fast and a fine abundance of items can not stay relevant. Baby just do not have time to put down all, it will be his kid.

As to pick out clothes for the newborn? - The basic requirements

1. Child clothes should be made of organic, gentle tissues, in order to avoid facial skin irritation baby. The best is 100% cotton, it skin breathe. Knitted clothes is highly comfortable for the baby, because it has the ability to stretch, but it holds its shape.

2. In order not to disturb the newborn much dressing (and it will keep to do frequently), a clothing want be easy to fasten and unfasten one's coat. Читать полностью -->


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Again, the like thing is not indispensable. It is possible to easily do without it. Specifically if you possess little room and a extra area is not accessible.

We first newborn much properly without the highchair. We lived together with their parents and a put in a apartment was highly little, and in the kitchen at all free, only 50 square centimeters which also put him there? However have not to purchase high chair. With a second baby, we moved to a more spacious apartment and decided to buy high chairs, but bought not just a children's high chair, and a small infants's desk and two chair (we keep a baby today 2) eat them more comfortable there than at a table, but it is not a mandatory purchase for the baby. At the desk to eat them more interesting than separately. Читать полностью -->

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