Tearfulness newborn

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If the mum does not get natural milk and the child is bottle-fed, it is desirable to give a newborn donor.

In this case, a newborn of the donor must be the like age however being bottle-fed. This is great, since the composition

Women's natural milk varies according to the age and a milk young woman whose child is much older, does not bring much good. In this case, it's perfect to adapted formulas designed to nourish children during the first 3 weeks of your.

Complicated feeding a newborn the 1-st 30 days of life with a disease of the mum. In acute respiratory disease, flu, sore throat, it can feed the newborn natural, while wearing a mask, done of layers of gauze 5.7 (you can possess some of these masks for each feed). When an infectious disease of a baby from her isolated and fed expressed natural natural milk pasteurized.

Physiological immaturity of a child's organism, occurring adverse pregnancy or childbirth can lead to unfavorable development of a central nervous system of the child, the how-called encephalopathy. He restlessly behaves, often wakes up crying a lot. Читать полностью -->

Child 1 30 days

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Much important for a newborn's first 5 days of life, at which time passes birthday stress, a child need always be observed by your physician. Presently, many children are born with birthday trauma, deep Apgar score, such babies require further examination, however mother and child after hospital may immediately translate to a newborns. In a early days, and laid a foundation for a successful lactation. Immediately of the birth is used to a chest, and he gets a drop of valuable colostrum to great immunity in the next. 3-5 day my mum got a 1st natural milk earlier the child is fed colostrum. Natural milk and colostrum allocated as much so you child if you feed it on need. Читать полностью -->

Pacifier for child - whether or not

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When a newborn is born, one of the first of gifts for him is empty. And whether it is at all? Grandma's claim that is absolutely indispensable that a nipple babies are calmer and sleep complete, but in many hospitals neonatologists Never give them to infants.

Consider a pros and cons.

To beginning, let's see why Dummy for a child. And it was invented to meet a suckling child. Thus, if the mother breast-feed the baby on demand, it's sucking reflex is satisfied in full. Nursing moms, by a method, notice that even if they are starting to propose a pacifier to the children, they just spit it and do not request sucking. Child always put a soothers, if he will must, that is breastfeeding babies who are breastfed for a mode, with pleasure sucking a soothers, because the sucking reflex is not satisfied. Читать полностью -->

Aqua for a child

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Mothers and grandmothers clearly remember how a first hours dopaivali babies aqua. It is advised in the hospital and the doctors and pediatricians. And on a one mitt this is a logical explanation. Water for infants must be, so a man in a greater its capacity of the water, and as a baby spent his 1-st few months in a aquatic environment. But let's look deeper into a social unit of the time. Later birth mom took care of their babies, but they had only six weeks, which would prepare the child for independent feeding (that is not in need of fresh natural milk). Читать полностью -->

Feeding newborn

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The newborn should be fed on demand, he knows exactly when and how much he demands to eat.

For best relationship in newborns and your mothers, they should be together facial skin to facial skin all time and night (see skin to facial skin). When a newborn is ready he will be for the chest. It is significant immediately of the birth to allow a mum and child to be in close facial skin-to-skin as much time as you claim to "find" every other, it will not facial skin the question of non-breast. Put the child for 5 minutes. To a warm - it's same nothing to do. They want be together until the newborn himself, without pressure or coercion will breasts. Читать полностью -->

Dining early children

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With regard to nutrition of premature infants, any doctors recommend early complementary feeding breast, even called time, perhaps to feed - this is of the twelve hours. And this is due to the fact that if you do not give diet food to the baby earlier, it may be an even greater loss of gravity, and can get to cultivate such a dangerous phenomenon of tissue protein catabolism, which is why a earlier a newborn receives fresh food - a sooner his aging body will beginning to get used to proper functioning.

By a technique, should consult with the medical man and ask around a child's condition. Typically, babies who were born prematurely, but their condition is assessed however satisfactory, doctors prescribe 1-st feeding of the six to twelve hours of the their birth. If a newborn is born in a serious condition, the 1st feeding is better to produce daily later their birth. Such children are introduced to a doctors started the operation of all of the special solution, and a second time of your, taking them to the natural milk.

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