Artificial feeding newborns

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In a 1-st 30 days of your with a baby attending a clinic is not recommended, due to a fact that the infant is susceptible to infection.

Weigh the baby at cottage is easy. If parents are not able to buy baby scales, they can be hired. In the neonatal period is important to frequently check a weight of the newborn. This allows for timely adjustments to determine the power or other causes, due to which the aging body weightiness is less than ordinary, or, conversely, too fast increasing.

Other than fresh natural milk or approximated in composition to women's natural milk meal in between feeding a child can be given water from a teaspoonful. The demand for water in infants individually. It depends on the season, the fat content of natural milk, the temperature of a placement where a baby. Читать полностью -->

How to keep the baby in the bath

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A problem of so to keep a child in the bath of concern to many new moms. Bath newborn is a very serious process, which allows the newborn to adapt to new and unfamiliar conditions of existence, helps relieve postpartum stress. H2o treatments helps calm the crumbs are an aid for a upkeep of his facial skin.

However could keep newborn in a bath? If bath handed, then a left hand to support the child in a back of the head, neck skin and back with his hand. In this case, the rightly hand want hold a baby's legs and buttocks.

Keep a child in the bath can be in a position to capture a shoulder. In this case, the head of a newborn is on the upper arm to bathe, and a palm of a same mitt - supports a crumbs at the shoulder joint of the outer shoulder of Bathe newborn. Holding the child in such a method, by balneum a insurance from accidentally slipping and dipping the baby into a water. Читать полностью -->

How to look after for a child baby

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That came to lightness a long-awaited child ushering in a birth of his loud cry, but what to do future - How to care for a child child

Firstborn. However a lot of cases, troubles and worries are now in a mom. And the most important - no question however sick newborn. A mom's love for a tiny, already helpless being seen 1st by applying it to his chest. Most maternity is done either directly of the birth or in a first few hours following birthday.

A point here is not to feed the newborn - his aging body yet provide nutrients that are coming through the mum's blood and placental circulation.

The general item - getting newborn colostrum, which plays a role in the newborn's acquisition of resistance to variant harmful effects of his new environment. It contains substances that provide protection against potential neonatal infection, and antiallergen. Читать полностью -->

Pillow for a newborn

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Feathers for kids are undesirable because they are breeding grounds for dust mites and can cause allergies. Wool filler in a absence of allergy to wool naturally great and harmless, but it can not be water-washed and dumped.

Gippoalergennymi considered synthetic fillers, plus they are more good in the wash. The cheapest of them sinteyponovye. Very common now how filler komforel small ball fiber, it is often used in orthopedic cushions.

A most expensive pillows - latex, they are elastic and provide proper fixation neck skin and shoulders.

Whatever a vehicle, always make sure that a bag has not lost its strength, and did not beginning apolnitel sputtered out.

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Infant feeding mixing

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Mix divided into adapted, non-adapted and partially adapted. Adapted formulas more suitable children, because the composition is however close to a composition of breast milk. Partially adapted formulas worse repeat composition of breast natural milk, but usually are more cheap, which is also important for a family. If a baby does not get lustiness problems, you can talk with a pediatrician size a transfer of a newborn to such a mixing, but alone after 3-6 months. Unadapted mixture - is essentially cow's or goat's natural milk, and feed a children up to a year's milk is not recommended, because its structure is very varied with the composition of women's natural milk, and boil further reduces a volume of nutrients it contains.

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Newborn 1 30 days

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Do not worry if the end of one month baby obsypet pimples, same teenagers, it's my mum's hormones go. Possible allergic rash, as be sure to follow a ration for breast-feeding. You must not eat foods that increase gas production, they may cause colic. If crumbs tummy hurts, you can give a bit, which will prescribe a medic put on his tummy heartwarming diaper or put into his stomach, face to face contact is the most helpful. After feeding, hold a baby in a column, until he srygnet.

Up to 1 30 days a baby is efficient 2-4 hours daily. Baby sleeps about the size of 20 hours, the second 30 days of a waking hours will increase. Читать полностью -->

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