Nursing of early babies

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Walking with untimely babies in the street are undesirable, while the child is accomplished at least one month during a cold season with weakened untimely babies do not walk, even up to 3 months. Newborn for a walk to warm to wear and protected with wind and direct sunlight.

Because early children are born impaired, they have lowered immunity, which increases the risk of acute respiratory infections, influenza, respiratory tract infections, such as untimely babies frequently enjoy bronchitis and pneumonia at a highly nice age. Why, do not expose the newborn with contact with sick relatives, sick parent or older brother and sister should immediately be isolated from a child. Diseased mum should also not be appropriate to the child at a time of illness. Crumb feeds father or grandma expressed milk from a bottle. After an illness mom approximately time to communicate with the newborn and feed him, wearing a gauze bandage over. Читать полностью -->

As to feed expressed natural milk

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In a old hours, when a children were breastfed by a hour, moms had after any feeding to express warm to a last drop. This proceedings was indispensable to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in women. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends breast-feeding on want, then the milk will come however long however the baby demands, and there is no request to decant. But there are cases in which keep to feed the child your expressed milk, for example:

1. Mom goes to work, and the day to feed the newborn sitter or grandmother expressed natural milk. This will allow the mother to continue breast-feeding, and, despite a early exit from a decree to breastfeed how long so possible.

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Newborn pacifiers

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Be sure to rinse and boil them before every apply. Highly handy for storing pacifiers with caps and particular containers for pacifiers. Having a container with you in a wheelchair, It is possible to always substitute a fallen "uspokoitelnitsu." Never lick a fallen soother person's mouth - a put full of various bacteria, including decayed, putrid, and a child you are absolutely useless. For security reasons, do not hang a pacifier to a baby gum or tape on the neck skin, and you use special clips with plastic chains. No must to drop a pacifiers in saccharose or honey, nothing but early caries is you do not bring.

Not to delay weaning from pacifier, or a child may shape an overbite and curl your teeth, consummate following 1 year phase out of it.

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Dad and child

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A first meeting of a pope and the newborn is yet in the hospital. Just do not force a husband to leave a joint, there are men who are afraid of panic, so his presence during childbirth do no helf. If a husband wants to see himself having a child, so of course his support in this crucial moment to help you and even the family more united.

When a attractive father for a 1st time takes the newborn in his arms, hold him morally, not to criticize, not so taken, is not looked, he said no, give dad the opportunity to enjoy and experience a first contact with the child. Let home father and baby lie down side by position on the bed, It is possible to put the baby daddy on his stomach, tactile skin-to-skin awakens in man the first father's feelings, and a baby will ease colic.

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How do I care for a newborn baby

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During his stay in a nursing house young mom trained to maintain proper feeding and service of the warm.

After being discharged with a hospital newborn attention need be taken of a conditions to ensure proper development of the child in the family.

With the much first hours following discharge with a hospital the newborn prettily mom helps infants poliklinnnka. Come house GP, nurse.

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Essential Newborn Wear

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Hat for the street.

You can buy mild knitted hat.

Not exactly clothes, but I was more useful - it's plaid. Since the fall of a cottage is cool and there is no heating, I'm almost always on top of a newborn hid baby blanket. He's not how bulky how a blanket and at the same time pretty correctly warm. And in a winter so more likely to apply a rug than a camel blanket.

Of a essentials is everything.

For a change, how to speak for the soul:

You can buy a pair of beautiful unitard, or what ever suits.

In a rest of the dowry for a newborn fall is no different with giving to babies born at other times of a year

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