Infant feeding mix

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Mix divided into adapted, non-adapted and partially adapted. Adapted formulas more suitable babies, because their composition is so close to the composition of natural milk. Partially adapted formulas worse repeat composition of natural milk, but usually are cheaper, which is also momentous for a family. If the baby does not enjoy heartiness problems, you can talk with a pediatrician about a transfer of a baby to such a mixing, but alone following 3-6 months. Unadapted mixture - is essentially cow's or goat's natural milk, and feed the infants up to a year's milk is not recommended, because its structure is very variant with a composition of human milk, and boil further reduces a amount of nutrients it contains.

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How to bathe a child

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First bath - a proceedings which with quivering anticipation are all members of a family. Prettily parents are afraid of doing something wrong, my grandma usually much of advice, but too afraid to pick up responsibility 1-st to bathe a child. Let's define about chief rules of how to bathe a newborn.

Doctors advise the first 30 days until a umbilical wound has healed, bathe a child in an opposable boiled some water. For this pre-dial a bucket of aqua and let stand to come out a duo of chlorine, then boil aqua and cool to 36-37 degrees, it is at this temperature to wash a children. In a 1-st bath can be added to herbal teas herbs: succession, chamomile, sea sol, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, rotate them.

After balneum treat pupochek 1st hydrogen peroxide, then strike the green paint.

Bathe your child in the first any weeks is correct in a plastic newborn bath. Under no circumstances should you use it for other purposes, such as for soaking clothes, and do not wash with synthetic detergents, only child soap.

If grandparents request to know how to bathe a newborn, not perechte, and invite them to be a helpers in a 1st bath. Читать полностью -->

Lactation a newborn

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During feeding discomfort gradually disappear, and a duo of days, a woman no longer feel a discomfort.

From a above it is clear that the process of fresh natural milk takes time. And highly often a girl is not ready for this. Prettily mum seems that it is something not so much that a milk she will not possess that baby does not sate. Her torment fears and doubts, and eventually she gives in will stop lactation. So, in no case should not go on about their fears. Moms demand to remember that most of the problems with lactation may be overcome with the help and assistance of experts. Читать полностью -->

What can be heavily

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1. It happens that the beautiful mother is lost to a new concerns, feel helpless in the tiny creature, which, in its opinion, and the hands are scared to take. She does not know however to hold a newborn. At 1st to help her keep a medic and a nurse. You tell and show

How to look after for children.

Baby gently in his arms and pick up hold in the horizontal position, with his head bent at the elbow to a hand. You can hold it vertically, supporting his head with his hand. Читать полностью -->

What want be taken to a hospital - a list of indispensable things for himself and child

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That's coming to an end waiting for the child, soon you'll be to keep it on mitt. This point will be one of a happiest in my your. But when the battle begins before birthday, believe me heavily to collect all the required to the hospital, these moments are not earlier. Perfect in about the size of a 7 days or two before a expected birthday collect bag with required items to a hospital. The question arises of what to put to the hospital? See list of indispensable items for himself and newborn:

On admission to a hospital, the first thing you will get in prenatal. In this placement is most often not allowed to take lots, specifically if the state hospital (free).

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Lactation a newborn

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Breastfeed a baby should even in cases of the disease go another. If mom got sick, feeding a newborn on it will not change, to be sure - he did not have sick.

It need not, as soon however possible to introduce solid foods. Warm feeding baby solid foods need be introduced no earlier than six months. End it need be up to three years of age, but not earlier than 2 years. But know this, that later a year and a half natural feeding must put put alone before and of the a night's sleep.

Lactation a newborn is not getting perfect in a couple of weeks and months. Milk mom - the most complete meal for a newborn. Читать полностью -->

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