Child 1 30 days


Much important for a newborn's first 5 days of life, at which time passes birthday stress, a child need always be observed by your physician. Presently, many children are born with birthday trauma, deep Apgar score, such babies require further examination, however mother and child after hospital may immediately translate to a newborns. In a early days, and laid a foundation for a successful lactation. Immediately of the birth is used to a chest, and he gets a drop of valuable colostrum to great immunity in the next. 3-5 day my mum got a 1st natural milk earlier the child is fed colostrum. Natural milk and colostrum allocated as much so you child if you feed it on need. Читать полностью -->

Breastfeeding a newborn


Breastfeed a newborn must even in cases of the disease go another. If mom got sick, feeding the baby on it will not change, to be sure - he did not have sick.

It must not, as soon however potential to introduce solid foods. Warm feeding baby solid foods should be introduced no earlier than six months. End it must be up to three years of age, but not earlier than 2 years. But know this, that following a year and a 1/2 natural feeding should pick up place only earlier and of the a night's sleep.

Breast-feeding a child is not getting perfect in a couple of week and months. Natural milk mother - a most complete fresh food for a child. Читать полностью -->

How to dress child


To check how it feels to a child, you should touch the tip of a nose. If it's cold, however cold-blooded newborn, and if it is too hot, accordingly, it is hot. Best variant would be hot nose. This means that a clothes are chosen rightly and a baby feels in her properly.

Just remember that in the 1-st put the infant's head is cold-blooded. According to this, going for a walk to always wear a hat or cap. A headpiece is not safe, and following swimming.

Clothes for baby should allow the skin to breathe and not to impede evaporation. Читать полностью -->

Dining child


Somewhere in the middle of up to 6 weeks, the newborn receives alone natural milk. So, when it's time to introduce complementary foods, natural milk did not lose their value, it is, on the contrary, adapts to a newborn. Enzymes in warm milk, help the baby cope with a stomach digesting unfamiliar fresh food. Therefore, we 1-st give a lure, then Newborn drink it with milk.

Currently a bit of artificial feeding. For the 1st few weeks of newborn's your should be adapted formula. Its composition is so close to a composition of warm milk. Читать полностью -->

How to bathe a child


First bath - a proceedings which with quivering anticipation are all members of a family. Prettily parents are afraid of doing something wrong, my grandma usually much of advice, but too afraid to pick up responsibility 1-st to bathe a child. Let's define about chief rules of how to bathe a newborn.

Doctors advise the first 30 days until a umbilical wound has healed, bathe a child in an opposable boiled some water. For this pre-dial a bucket of aqua and let stand to come out a duo of chlorine, then boil aqua and cool to 36-37 degrees, it is at this temperature to wash a children. In a 1-st bath can be added to herbal teas herbs: succession, chamomile, sea sol, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, rotate them.

After balneum treat pupochek 1st hydrogen peroxide, then strike the green paint.

Bathe your child in the first any weeks is correct in a plastic newborn bath. Under no circumstances should you use it for other purposes, such as for soaking clothes, and do not wash with synthetic detergents, only child soap.

If grandparents request to know how to bathe a newborn, not perechte, and invite them to be a helpers in a 1st bath. Читать полностью -->

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