How to look after for a newborn newborn


During his stay in the nursing house young mother trained to maintain proper feeding and attention of a warm.

After being discharged with a hospital child maintenance want be taken of a conditions to ensure proper building of a newborn in a family.

With the extremely 1st times later discharge from the hospital the baby prettily mother helps infants poliklinnnka. Come home GP, nurse.

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How to feed expressed milk


In a old times, when a children were breastfed by a hour, moms had after each feeding to express warm to the last drop. This procedure was necessary to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in women. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends breast-feeding on demand, so the natural milk will come however long so the child needs, and there is no request to decant. But there are cases in which keep to nourish your child the expressed milk, for example:

1. Mother goes to work, and the day to feed the newborn sitter or grandma expressed milk. This will allow a mum to continue lactation, and, despite the early exit with the decree to breastfeed as long however possible.

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Items to erase things child


In the first weeks of child's life, experts recommend to prefer soap, and then go to the exceptional powders, which are marked on the package marked "suitable for children", fortunately a current market has a wide range of such products. Solving the matter, "How to wash a newborn items - allergy", a lot of moms in the past were limited in selection. Recently, however, began to appear powders and fluent detergents items children possessing hypoallergenic properties. When a baby is a little older, It is possible to select a powderise containing bleach, antistatic, supplements, with varied flavors.

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Newborn hiccups later feeding


Cause physiological hiccups in newborns, any doctors believe bad established a link betwixt a brain and the diaphragm. There is also a view that a hiccup is overeating, when crowded stomach presses on the diaphragm, causing it twitching. Infants also cause hiccups of the feeding may be swallowing air. This may cause not alone hiccups, vomiting and after eating, and then swelling tummy.

What if a child hiccups after feeding? Here are any options for solving this problem for parents:

1. If the baby hiccups from overeating, then of course, strive to not overfeed. Signs of overfeeding a baby may be too abundant retrograde blood (particularly Formula feeding), at grudnichka overfeeding may be identified by a undigested residues of milk curds in a stool. Читать полностью -->

Infant feeding mix


Mix divided into adapted, non-adapted and partially adapted. Adapted formulas more suitable babies, because their composition is so close to the composition of natural milk. Partially adapted formulas worse repeat composition of natural milk, but usually are cheaper, which is also momentous for a family. If the baby does not enjoy heartiness problems, you can talk with a pediatrician about a transfer of a baby to such a mixing, but alone following 3-6 months. Unadapted mixture - is essentially cow's or goat's natural milk, and feed the infants up to a year's milk is not recommended, because its structure is very variant with a composition of human milk, and boil further reduces a amount of nutrients it contains.

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Tearfulness newborn


If the mum does not get natural milk and the child is bottle-fed, it is desirable to give a newborn donor.

In this case, a newborn of the donor must be the like age however being bottle-fed. This is great, since the composition

Women's natural milk varies according to the age and a milk young woman whose child is much older, does not bring much good. In this case, it's perfect to adapted formulas designed to nourish children during the first 3 weeks of your.

Complicated feeding a newborn the 1-st 30 days of life with a disease of the mum. In acute respiratory disease, flu, sore throat, it can feed the newborn natural, while wearing a mask, done of layers of gauze 5.7 (you can possess some of these masks for each feed). When an infectious disease of a baby from her isolated and fed expressed natural natural milk pasteurized.

Physiological immaturity of a child's organism, occurring adverse pregnancy or childbirth can lead to unfavorable development of a central nervous system of the child, the how-called encephalopathy. He restlessly behaves, often wakes up crying a lot. Читать полностью -->

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