Infant feeding mixture


Blends are divided according to age: for feeding newborns and premature babies, mixtures labeled «Pre», blend for feeding children up to 5-6 months (until you introduced solid foods) with a "1", the mixture for feeding children 6 weeks with a "2", a mixture of children from one year of age or older - "3". Very rightly, if you change a child meal with age, a mixing of a like company, so the enzymatic system of a child will not possess to readjust to a new meal.

There are also many specialized and therapeutic compounds for feeding children under 6 weeks of age or older. You are appointed by a doctor, and a lot of of them are used to temporarily solve a question, then the baby is advised to transfer to a regular adapted mixture. Are more expensive than conventional therapeutic mixture.

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Dining early babies


Nutrition of premature children need be limited and technique feed them natural. Naturally, the babies born earlier a term is not as well-developed reflexes, however in children who were born in time. That is why on feeding approach is to choose a pose in which the newborn will be automatically swallowing natural milk and will not trigger the gag reflex rejection of diet food.

Do not be alarmed if your physician recommends that you feed a newborn through a tube. This type of regimen administered to babies who were born with extremely poor birth weight. A following step is bottle feeding, so however and when a sucking reflex will be potential to run to a full breast feeding.

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As to bathe a child


Pulling the child out of a bath, wrap a towel or flannel diaper. It is more convenient to use a special changing mat, it can be put on a wash machine in the bathroom, and then the proceedings will be much easier to swim. So clothe and feed the newborn. Kids relax in approximately aqua, they are goodness at moving away jeep, stops tummy ache, they then eat with appetite and sleep soundly. Over time, the child will like water treatment, and already you can bathe in a large adult bath. Just remember that the restroom need be cleaned alone environmentally friendly means.

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What to pick up to a hospital for a child:


Girls nurses himself everything required to bring babies. Diapers, vests and caps issued part of a carefully in a rightly quantity. All sterile, however with things for a newborn brother is not required. But helpful:

Baby soap

Cotton buds

Not necessarily put the diapers, diaper produce in sufficient quantities by simply going to replace often. Newborn without diapers will be even perfect.

Items like dust, brilliant green, hydrogen peroxide treatment pupochka, aging body cream - all free in a hospital, with a take optional. Specifically if the hospital charge, things were not handy. Читать полностью -->

Nursing of untimely infants


Careful attention in a service of early children given maintenance of rule body temperature baby. Toddlers are not developed enough temperature control, because you may speedily supercool, when a body temperature drops to 35 degrees or opposite to overheat, and the aging body temperature rises to 40 degrees. Therefore, children are discharged with neonatal units only of the they may maintain your aging body temperature in an open crib 24-48 hours. Home, moms and dads wish to constantly monitor the temperature in the room where the child is, it need be 23-24 degrees. Under a covers at bedtime should be maintained temperature 30-33 degrees. The rooms in which a baby want be regularly and thoroughly aired, taking out the baby in another rooms at a time of airing and then establish a placement temperature of 23-24 degrees normative.

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Regurgitation in babies


Often regurgitation in children may be due to other factors:

1. Overfed. Regurgitation arise from increasing a amount of meal and the number of feedings. Extremely ofttimes this is happening with a babies, who are mix-fed, and my mother could not accurately determine a number of input supplementation, often changing a mix and, so, a nature of power. Baby may spit up to 5-10 ml of milk or a mix, milk may be partially curds. The baby in this case is gaining mass normally and does not feel much discomfort. Читать полностью -->

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