The building of babies


Most of a day sleeping child, waking, restless behaves mainly from starvation.

The sense organs of a child are able to perceive sounds, smells, tastes (sweet and bitter), a sense of touch. Kid reacts to lightness, but really begins to see only a end of the 3-rd or 4-th 7 days. He expressed innate reflexes (sucking, swallowing, etc.).

During a first week of life of the newborn is formed in the reaction time of feeding, food stimulation occurs at a end of the interval betwixt feedings (at a end of a third hour, or 3 hours Thirty minutes).

In the first 10-12 hours and formed a more complex reaction, the however-called reflex position under a fresh. When a newborn is taken to hand feeding, he smacked his lips, making sucking movements before it receives a food.

As you can see, a newborn has all the prerequisites for further building. How it will happen depends on a adult providing a conditions for optimum progress of a newborn.

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Nursing of early infants


Bathe early babies are allowed no earlier than 7-10 hours. Balneum need be done in a special baby bath, the temperature of the air in the restroom want not be below 25 degrees, water for bathing - 38 degrees. Bathe untimely babies up to 3 months to only boiled aqua. Boiled water specifically, stand to come out chlorine, so heated and diluted with cold-blooded boiled h2o to 38 degrees, for convenience, It is possible to use a careful children's thermometer. Immediately after bath to wrap the baby in a bath towel or flannel diaper, move to a heartwarming and wear. Premature babies dressed warmer than full-term infants.

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Baby Care


Newborn one every 7-10 times on the arms and legs cautiously trimmed nails little scissors.

In a first month of your, the baby is extremely susceptible to infection, and so it is indispensable to protect it with disease however carefully however possible. If a adult lung disease, say a cold, and he carries it easily, a child, infected, may seriously ill. However do not kiss the baby's facial skin or hands. The 1st time it is good to protect it from contact with outsiders adults. When walking to choose the places where few people. Mom or assistant to help taking care of a newborn need follow organic rules of hygiene: collect thin hair, to monitor a purity of a body, especially the hand and nails. Читать полностью -->

However to bring back the normal newborn baby sleeping


Common cause of insomnia newborn is that parents are not created in a nursery the indispensable atmosphere. Remember that warm and very dry air is not allowed. Do not forget to ventilate a apartment, vacuum it and wash the floors. If you wish to create best conditions for a rest, you want know that the temperature in the room should be around plus twenty degrees.

If a child child continues to act up, and refuses to sleep in the allotted time, then try to do all day long in ordering to increase its energy consumption. To reach this extremely easily - do newborn massotherapy, get with it newborn gymnastics, play and walk on the street. Momentous rule - do not overheat a newborn, keep in mind that a aging body and so much energy spent on it to maintain their aging body temperature. Читать полностью -->

So to nourish expressed milk


In the old hours, when the babies were breastfed by a hour, mothers had later any feeding to express breast to the last drop. This proceedings was required to maintain lactation and lactostasis prevention in women. Contemporary Pediatrics recommends lactation on require, then the natural milk will come how long how the baby demands, and there is no should to decant. But there are cases in which have to feed the baby your expressed milk, for example:

1. Mom goes to work, and a time to feed a child sitter or grandma expressed milk. This will allow a mom to continue breastfeeding, and, despite the early exit with the decree to breastfeed as long as possible.

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What to take to the hospital of items:


Utensils (cup, spoon, plate)

Notebook and pen

Meals in a hospital bearable, can eat. Honestly after delivery a small consummate to sit on this diet. It is you enjoy adapted, under a newborn (that rash was not). Can take with green tea bags and sahorka. All a rest of a selection will bring relatives.

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Dining child


Somewhere in a middle of up to 6 weeks, a child receives alone natural milk. So, when it's time to introduce complementary foods, milk did not lose their value, it is, on the contrary, adapts to the baby. Enzymes in breast natural milk, help a baby cope with the stomach digesting unfamiliar food. Why, we first give the lure, then Newborn drink it with natural milk.

Currently a bit of simulated feeding. For a first few weeks of baby's life want be adapted formula. Its composition is however close to the composition of fresh milk. Читать полностью -->

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