Infant feeding mixture


A situation with artificial feeding is not new and is much familiar to many families. Attractive mom is not to blame himself for being unable to bring up her child, feeding with a bottle with a mixing of child can grow in a like hygiene and building, how good how Baby. Modern mixtures keep a composition adapted to human natural milk, you contain a lot of ingredients that contribute to the evolution and proper construction of a child. Selecting compounds now is that you can take best for the individual newborn and family. Also, there are many therapeutic compounds that help to cope with allergies, lactase deficiency, dizbakterioz, cramps, frequent retrograde blood and other problems. Consider a principles of artificial infant feeding and types of mixtures.

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Items to erase things child


Every mom on the birth of the newborn thinks around what and however to erase items newborn. Many moms say detergent and bleach negative impact on the child's skin, while others insist on a use of these funds in order to kill microbes. There are many features and rules of ablution items newborn.

1-st of all, earlier wash clothes, need be closely examined on the product memo leaving of items. Much ofttimes, babies's clothing, specifically for sleeping, has approximately fire retardant qualities, so that a item is forbidden to wash in soapy aqua, in order to save a flame-retardant properties. The rest of clothes may be washed using soap or detergent.

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Why child hiccups


Later a birthday of children delivered by parents not only joy, but also the sea to worry some. One of them - a hiccup. Children get to hiccup in a womb, a pregnant girl is good to hear. Short duration hiccups - is rule, it must not be a concern, but if a child hiccups too ofttimes or too long (more than a day continuously), a baby should necessarily show the pediatrician and neurologist, however it is can cause serious abnormalities.

Why child hiccups

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Infant feeding mixture


There are also a mix of children with phenylketonuria, pancreatic diseases, allergy to gluten. All of them are selected individually by the medic and strictly on the evidence. Signal that the mix does not fit a child may be his refusal to eat, spitting a mix frothy fluent stools with mucus or greens, constipation, pain in a stomach, allergies, frequent regurgitation. If a mixing approached a child, up to 3 weeks to change it is not desirable, so you can gradually move on to another formula.

When feeding a baby with a bottle to closely monitor a hygiene and sanitary conditions of preparing formula. Hand and jars of newborn meal should be washed with soap and water, bottles, pacifiers sterilized. Also for a preparation of mixtures must be used careful water that has a high degree of purification with heavy metals, chlorine, and with lower salinity. Читать полностью -->

Gyms for the newborn


Even earlier his birthday, a newborn does her 1-st gymnastics - pushed and rotated. Trains and prepares for a most demanding physical activity - a passage through the birth canal. Physical jerks for a newborn conducted taking into account the lustiness and physical development. Start lightness exercise may be with 1 month. This is required for a progress of the muscular system, respiratory and circulatory. If there are no abnormalities in physical development, gymnastics may hold mom. Читать полностью -->

Learn whether a sufficient volume of natural milk you can get the kid to certain criteria:


1) The newborn stands size a like intervals betwixt feedings;

2) correctly-gaining gravity and height;

3) the newborn's stool a yellowish color, occasionally 2-3 times daily. "Hungry" stool scanty, greenish, maybe with mucus.

In case of shortage of milk the newborn is not in a hurry to introduce synthetic mixing. Perfect finish feeding the baby natural milk, which later expression in sterile container stored in a refrigerator up to 12 hours. In the case of pasteurized natural milk can be stored for longer.

For the first month, on average Baby adds 600 grams. But there is more. Depends on a temperament and character of sucking. Читать полностью -->

Infant feeding mixture


We all know that warm milk - it is an ideal meal for children. Breast natural milk has a balanced composition, designed specifically for the individual child and the changing of his age, it is also important however that it contains hundreds of components that are helpful to a newborn's aging body, contributing to his mental development and physical growth. Repeat the composition of fresh milk is not potential, the best blends contain 60-80 components, a artificial vitamins and minerals keep lower digestibility than in organic mum's natural milk. But what if the woman 18 years old for whatever reason, may not bring up the child feeding?

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