Aqua for a child


Mothers and grandmothers clearly remember how a first hours dopaivali babies aqua. It is advised in the hospital and the doctors and pediatricians. And on a one mitt this is a logical explanation. Water for infants must be, so a man in a greater its capacity of the water, and as a baby spent his 1-st few months in a aquatic environment. But let's look deeper into a social unit of the time. Later birth mom took care of their babies, but they had only six weeks, which would prepare the child for independent feeding (that is not in need of fresh natural milk). Further development took put in the gardens, in the leaving of a family. Social stability pointed out that six months of breastfeeding will be gone. And that would facilitate the transition to synthetic feeding get created a conditions for reduction of warm milk and a require to introduce solid foods as early however three - four weeks. It is water that is the condition. It does not contain nutrients, but a baby in the 1st 30 days does not distinguish thirst from hunger. Getting water, it becomes saturated and requires less natural milk, which leads to weight loss, loss of natural milk with mums and emergency feeding for the newborn.

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