Regurgitation in babies


Often regurgitation in children may be due to other factors:

1. Overfed. Regurgitation arise from increasing a amount of meal and the number of feedings. Extremely ofttimes this is happening with a babies, who are mix-fed, and my mother could not accurately determine a number of input supplementation, often changing a mix and, so, a nature of power. Baby may spit up to 5-10 ml of milk or a mix, milk may be partially curds. The baby in this case is gaining mass normally and does not feel much discomfort. If a child spits up because of overfeeding, try to adjust the feeding regimen, even if you feed him alone breast. Up to 3 weeks to babies who are bottle-fed doctors do not recommend to change a mix up.

2. Aerophagia - is swallowing air during feeding. Bubble of air is expelled with a crumbs from the stomach yet with any natural milk or a mixture and causes regurgitation. Frequently these problems occur in babies who are too efficient breastfeed or bottle, and if not accurately trapping the nipple of the mom and a head position while feeding. If you are breastfeeding, make sure to capture not alone a crumb nipple and areola. If sucking too efficient, take a crash, which hold the child upright to air out. If a newborn - bottle-child, a feeding make sure that the nipple was milk all the time, find a position for feeding however that a baby's body at an angle of 45-60 degrees. Now in stores great range of especial antikolikovyh bottles that prevent swallowing air when sucking.

3. Bloating and constipation. In these cases, the pressure in the abdominal cavity, and reduced the rate of progress of fresh food through a digestive tract, and so increases a likelihood of retrograde blood. Do circular massage tummy clockwise to relieve the state of the child, will also help a Gulls with fennel, dill h2o, special infants droplets, which will contribute to painless exit jeep or prevent their accumulation in the gastrointestinal tract. It is very useful to spread a crumbs on his tummy earlier every feeding, It is possible to put on a warm belly pelenochku or child pad.

4. Developmental abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract, central nervous system diseases, infectious diseases, indigestion. These problems are solved and revealed only under medical supervision.

5. The wrong mix. For children frequently spit up child food manufacturers propose particular antireflyuksovye mixtures in which either add thickening starch, gum - gluten from Mediterranean carob seed or increase the proportion of casein capacity in a mix. This protein has a ability to speedily clot in the stomach to shape flakes, which are then converted into a thick gravity, which prevents regurgitation.

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