Again, a same thing is not required. You can easily do without it. Particularly if you have small rooms and a extra area is not affordable.

We 1-st newborn extremely properly without a highchair. We lived together with your parents and a put in the rooms was more little, and in a cook room at all free, alone 50 area cm which also put him there? However have not to purchase high chair. With the second baby, we moved to a more spacious room and decided to buy high chairs, but bought not just a children's big chair, and a small children's table and two chair (we possess a child now 2) eat them more comfortable there than at the table, but it is not a mandatory purchase for the newborn. At the table to eat them more interesting than separately. We're going around a table in a evening, how they eat during the day at his table, and the evening meal may be with us.

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