Infant feeding mixture


If you need a baby meal on the road, where it is impossible to meet all soundness standards for its preparation, use store bought ready-made mixes for single use, or can be sterilized in a dry bottle to pour a mixing in a separate jar to hold water for cooking.

In addition to the mix is highly significant bottle from which you feed a baby. It should be made from environmentally friendly of plastic material or glass to withstand stewing, a sizing and anatomy of a nipple must be adapted for your baby. At the present time there are many variant antikolikovyh bottles that prevent a ingress of air into the stomach, little bottles, imitating sucking of breasts, etc.

You are fed a mixing of not more than once every 3 hours. The volume of food required is calculated at the rate of 120-150 ml per 1 kilogram birth weight divided by the number of feedings per time. Normally newborn to 30-60 ml in one feeding, and a monthly baby is 90-120 ml. Do you get enough baby diet food to determine its behavior, dialed mass, and the number of dirty diapers and zapisyannyh. Remember that a baby has to be bottle-child daily regular chair. If the baby is gaining weight in a month more than the norm, it is possible to reduce the amount the doctor will recommend it to nourish portions or more, but less.

And a finish item I demand to say that bottle-feeding so opposed to natural making full contact with the mum's child, however strive to always feed the baby yourself, wear it a some longer on a handles. Frequently communicate with the newborn, so he did not feel lonely. You can also set up a joint dream with a newborn, specifically in the first few weeks of life, because almost all breast-feeding babies sleep with your mums, because not only should night feedings, but in bodily contact with them.

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