Again, the same thing is not necessary. It is possible to easily do without it. Especially if you have little apartment and the extra area is not free.

We 1st newborn much well without a highchair. We lived together with your moms and dads and a place in the room was highly small, and in the kitchen at all free, alone 50 square centimeters which also put him there? As have not to purchase big chair. With the second newborn, we moved to a more spacious apartment and decided to buy high chairs, but bought not just a children's big chair, and a small babies's table and two chair (we enjoy a baby now two) eat them more comfortable there than at a table, but it is not a mandatory purchase for your child. At a desk to eat them more interesting than separately. We're going around the table in the evening, so they eat during the day at his table, and a evening meal may be with us.

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