Lactation a child


A lot of women only get mothers, it seems that warm-feeding a newborn newborn - it's just that this action does not claim any effort, because everything is so organic. However, do not always have all of our lives how we wish or however we imagine. And most attractive mothers often keep unpleasantness mastering a new skill. Points to remember a girl in such a situation? What you need to know?

To get with, although the baby is born with a sucking reflex and a mom's milk is produced naturally, a newborn should be taught so to put a nipple in his mouth. This means that his mouth has to be tightly cover the nipple and most of the areola, called a areola. If he does not, it will chew and suck on the nipple, not getting enough natural milk, that is, it will not download.

A second influential point which must not forget mum - a positive attitude. It is not always milk comes immediately following birthday. In addition, the 1st of a woman 18 years old produces colostrum - protein-rich fluid containing antibodies that provide child protection from infection and help the aging body to build up a strong immune system. Only a any days later birthday in mommy starts producing warm milk directly. How, while it will "go" with colostrum, and a girl can feel a discomfort of fullness in the chest. This period is commonly referred to how transitional.

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