Infant feeding mixture


There are also a mix of children with phenylketonuria, pancreatic diseases, allergy to gluten. All of them are selected individually by the medic and strictly on the evidence. Signal that the mix does not fit a child may be his refusal to eat, spitting a mix frothy fluent stools with mucus or greens, constipation, pain in a stomach, allergies, frequent regurgitation. If a mixing approached a child, up to 3 weeks to change it is not desirable, so you can gradually move on to another formula.

When feeding a baby with a bottle to closely monitor a hygiene and sanitary conditions of preparing formula. Hand and jars of newborn meal should be washed with soap and water, bottles, pacifiers sterilized. Also for a preparation of mixtures must be used careful water that has a high degree of purification with heavy metals, chlorine, and with lower salinity. If you are unsure around a grade of tap aqua, use bottled h2o for limited babies. In a 1st month it want be even further boil, then in consultation with a medic can use unboiled purified aqua. Also, be careful that a h2o was not hot, a optimum temperature of baby food - 35-36 degrees. Heating the bottle with the mix may be in hot water, but in any case not in the microwave. Pour mixture preferably unfinished or, at least, in a refrigerator for no more than 3 hours.

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