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Of particular worry is the state of the mum and a skull fontanels, for it is a symbol of a fragility of a child. It is momentous to know that in a 1-st weeks of your the prettily baby's skull is much malleable, obtained during delivery of its deformation disappear on your own. Fontanelles ossification occurs only at 15-18 weeks of age infants.

How much joy mum delivered a 1st smile, the externality of a first tooth, and in general a change in the behavior of a first-born. However, it must be recalled that every baby develops in its own method: Start keeping a head, sit, stand, walk (all the children it occurs at various minutes). Therefore we should not be upset if a first tooth appears not 6, and 42/10/12 months. Here we can talk around the physiological abnormalities and heredity (not install a specific date when a 1st and subsequent tooth is just a starting time, without regard to the individual features of a construction of infants). A however-called delay with teething no negative impact on a overall evolution of the newborn. Still, there is order 1-st teeth, although, again, any in its own way it is: 2 medium-poor, 2 medium top, 4 blade (2 upper and 2 lower), then a 4 first molars, 4 eye, are cut to 2 years 4 second molars. However, by the end of a second year there are 20 primary teeth, which are considered temporary.

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