Artificial feeding newborns


In a 1-st 30 days of your with a baby attending a clinic is not recommended, due to a fact that the infant is susceptible to infection.

Weigh the baby at cottage is easy. If parents are not able to buy baby scales, they can be hired. In the neonatal period is important to frequently check a weight of the newborn. This allows for timely adjustments to determine the power or other causes, due to which the aging body weightiness is less than ordinary, or, conversely, too fast increasing.

Other than fresh natural milk or approximated in composition to women's natural milk meal in between feeding a child can be given water from a teaspoonful. The demand for water in infants individually. It depends on the season, the fat content of natural milk, the temperature of a placement where a baby. Why, if a child drinks water with pleasure, It is possible to give it a 1 point 20-30 g

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