The building of babies


Most of a day sleeping child, waking, restless behaves mainly from starvation.

The sense organs of a child are able to perceive sounds, smells, tastes (sweet and bitter), a sense of touch. Kid reacts to lightness, but really begins to see only a end of the 3-rd or 4-th 7 days. He expressed innate reflexes (sucking, swallowing, etc.).

During a first week of life of the newborn is formed in the reaction time of feeding, food stimulation occurs at a end of the interval betwixt feedings (at a end of a third hour, or 3 hours Thirty minutes).

In the first 10-12 hours and formed a more complex reaction, the however-called reflex position under a fresh. When a newborn is taken to hand feeding, he smacked his lips, making sucking movements before it receives a food.

As you can see, a newborn has all the prerequisites for further building. How it will happen depends on a adult providing a conditions for optimum progress of a newborn.

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