Newborn hiccups later feeding


Cause physiological hiccups in newborns, any doctors believe bad established a link betwixt a brain and the diaphragm. There is also a view that a hiccup is overeating, when crowded stomach presses on the diaphragm, causing it twitching. Infants also cause hiccups of the feeding may be swallowing air. This may cause not alone hiccups, vomiting and after eating, and then swelling tummy.

What if a child hiccups after feeding? Here are any options for solving this problem for parents:

1. If the baby hiccups from overeating, then of course, strive to not overfeed. Signs of overfeeding a baby may be too abundant retrograde blood (particularly Formula feeding), at grudnichka overfeeding may be identified by a undigested residues of milk curds in a stool. It is possible to strive to feed more often, but smaller portions. Not to overfill a ventricle child.

2. If a newborn swallows air during feeding, so diarrhea after eating it vertically in a column, clutching the tummy. This will help to move the air bubbles. Scarce srygnet and stop hiccup. If a baby is bottle-child, maybe you want change a bottle or pacifiers to her. Presently there are a lot of options of especial antikolikovyh bottles, which prevents air with entering during natural. If a baby swallows air during breast-feeding, adjust the position for feeding, you may wish to nourish, keeping a crumbs at an angle, or more pressing it to his chest. Also, be careful that it is meticulously captured chest (not just the nipple, and areola - areola).

3. It however happens that pipsqueak gagging profusely resulting natural milk with mother's natural or bottle, making starts to hiccup. Replace in nipple bottle, a one in which one little hole done which the natural milk will ooze and a baby will require to make an effort to suck it. If a crumb gags milk from mum's natural, so feed intermittently, however he had time to swallow a dose before you get a new one.

4. Old proven method to stop hiccups infant is to give him any water (if you do not drink with a bottle, then let out a spoonful), or a little longer to do it to a chest, took a duo of sips of crumb. If that does not work, It is possible to ukachat newborn falling asleep, he will stop hiccups.

How you can see, a hiccup - this is normal for a child child, the older he becomes, a less likely it will occur hiccups. If the above methods do not help, then just wait until the hiccups will be myself, believe me it does not cause such concern in a child, so my mom and grandmothers. Just do not listen to "experienced advisers" and scare a kid, except for the shattered nervous system that you do not have anywhere. Consummate to try to "talk" hiccups, at least it will distract you with bad thoughts, like "Hiccup, hiccup, go to Fedot with Fedot at Jacob with Jacob at all."

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