Dining child


Somewhere in a middle of up to 6 weeks, a child receives alone natural milk. So, when it's time to introduce complementary foods, milk did not lose their value, it is, on the contrary, adapts to the baby. Enzymes in breast natural milk, help a baby cope with the stomach digesting unfamiliar food. Why, we first give the lure, then Newborn drink it with natural milk.

Currently a bit of simulated feeding. For a first few weeks of baby's life want be adapted formula. Its composition is however close to the composition of fresh milk. When choosing a mixing necessarily need to consult a pediatrician. Different mixtures of different composition. If the newborn is prone to spitting up, he may appoint a thick mix or special antireflux mix. If you are allergic to cow's protein, not suitable mix containing the allergen. It is also necessary to consider the presence of such a mix is at your dairy fresh food (if you get there mix up).

Food newborn newborn may be a natural and artificial. Of course, breast milk for a child is the ideal fresh food. But if it turned out that the newborn eats warm milk substitute, do not despair. In the end, It is possible to find it in some good aspects. A basic thing - the child was fed and healthy! Bon Appetit, newborn!

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