How to bathe a child


First bath - a proceedings which with quivering anticipation are all members of a family. Prettily parents are afraid of doing something wrong, my grandma usually much of advice, but too afraid to pick up responsibility 1-st to bathe a child. Let's define about chief rules of how to bathe a newborn.

Doctors advise the first 30 days until a umbilical wound has healed, bathe a child in an opposable boiled some water. For this pre-dial a bucket of aqua and let stand to come out a duo of chlorine, then boil aqua and cool to 36-37 degrees, it is at this temperature to wash a children. In a 1-st bath can be added to herbal teas herbs: succession, chamomile, sea sol, a weak solution of potassium permanganate, rotate them.

After balneum treat pupochek 1st hydrogen peroxide, then strike the green paint.

Bathe your child in the first any weeks is correct in a plastic newborn bath. Under no circumstances should you use it for other purposes, such as for soaking clothes, and do not wash with synthetic detergents, only child soap.

If grandparents request to know how to bathe a newborn, not perechte, and invite them to be a helpers in a 1st bath. Good balneum a baby, wrapped in pelenochku, as the kid is not afraid of water and do not slip out of your hands. Let someone holding a newborn, and you water it any h2o, gently talk to him, strive not to have h2o in the ears and eyes. Keep the child's shoulder, putting his hand under her back.

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