Newborn Reflexes - it aides in a period of adjustment


Reflex - is a response to internal or external stimuli. Reflexes of a child - a highly significant indicator of a health assessment of the newborn. Indeed, a reflex arc, which sets in motion a reflex, is an indicator of the nervous system. That's why pediatricians and neurologists pay efforts and conduct tests to work reflexes in infants in a 1-st month of life. A asymmetry of the reflex response, the absence or attenuation of any of the early reflections may be attributed to nervous disorders, infectious disease, hypoplasia of a muscular system.

During a first examination child pediatrician definitely check unconditioned reflexes crumbs: sucking, swallowing, search, protective upper, upper prehensile. In one 30 days, a examination was a neurologist, his goal is to diagnosis of neural evolution baby, because at this age need be present even all reflexes. The chief part of the newborn reflexes divided into oral and spinal. This division is due to the fact, where a reflex arc is closed, the oral reflexes - at a level of a brain and spinal cord have - at a level of the spinal cord.

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